Aparthotel Marion Weber

...maximum value and satisfaction.


Just at the Corner of the house is a Fitness studio, Sun Studio (Solarium) and other fitness/Sport/Gym and wellness studios around.

Recreational Centres such as Bremen New town Playing field, New town swimming pool and so on are just within walking distances from our hostel.



Parking should not be a problem at our hostel. You are free to park in front and very close to the hostel free of charge if spaces are free. You can also park on the main road next to the hostel, this may or may not attract extra cost depending on the day and the time of parking. In a difficult situation, we offer underground parking space for our visitor at 15€ extra per night for Vehicle and 5€ per night for Bicycle.

There is smoke alarm and fire extinguisher system installed in public places in the house. There is also special escape route in case of fire incidence.