Aparthotel Marion Weber

...maximum value and satisfaction.


Hotel/Guesthouse Marion Weber, is a 4 floor House, re-built and re-furnished to meet the desired taste of our visitors/guests and the modern days Hotel business requirements.

It is located at number 215 Langemarck Street, about 200m from the well-known College of Applied Science Bremen in the centre of the beautiful city of Bremen, in Germany.

Our Tourist Guests exploit the historic city of Bremen within a few minutes. The Old town, Bremer historic musical status, Werder Sea, Uberseemuseum, City Town hall,….and Bremen Legislative House etc. are just under 5 minutes journey from our Hotel.

Business visitors find our Hotel, a perfect location as it is very near to major business concerns in Bremen like Beluga Ship, Kraft food, Becks/Inbev, Bremen Airports, Bremen Central Station, Kellogs, Airbus…etc.

Casual visitors also are satisfied with the location of our Hotel as many exciting and festinating places are just within a short distance.

Transportation links 

The new town of Bremen/Langemarck Street is blessed with excellent transportation links. There are commercial Trams and Busses plying the road every 5 minutes on week days.

Tram 1, 8, Buses 26, and 27 coming from and going go different parts of Bremen stop at Pappel Street, which is just at Hotel/Guesthouse Marion Weber doorstep.

Business Services

Just about 90m to the left of our hotel is a call center/internet shop, offering all sorts of business services such as Calls, Faxes, Copies, etc at very moderate charges.