Aparthotel Marion Weber

...maximum value and satisfaction.

 Welcome to Aparthotel Marion Weber

Aparthotel Marion Weber looks forward to being your host for a delightful visit to exciting city of Bremen. A warm welcome awaits you at our Hotel/Guest House. Come and experience genuine hospitality at very affordable rates in Bremen

A unique and a point of reference in the history of hotel/Guest House world, where personal touch, gracious accommodation, history and tradition proposed in a new refreshing and distinctive style are offered at reasonable prices in Bremen

A truly excellent service oriented family owned Hotel/Guest House in Bremen, with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

We cordially invite you to visit us and see what we have to offer our guests. Seeing is believing says an adage. We are sure you will be convinced. 

Discuss your wish with us, no matter the situation, we have a better offer for you. We are very flexible and ready to accommodate you. Having nothing less than three houses at different locations in Bremen in this Business, makes us your last resort. 

Our doors are wide open for negotiation. Individual, family, group, company etc who want discount due to the number of days of stay or guests should feel free to negotiate with us.

Our prices include 7% VAT.